Our Story

We pride ourselves on our ability to create the most authentic European experience for all of our customers. We bring dishes from the Mediterranean, Turkey & Java Port to life right here in Atlanta, Georgia. All of our ingredients are fresh, farm to table and locally sourced. From hummus, falafel, shawarma & baba ganoush to a pita pocket with fried mussels and skordalia, our menu is nothing short of exquisite. 

All of our dishes are freshly baked & made in-house daily. Even our pita is baked on-site in a brick oven. We know how important family is to our customers, that's why we opened up a restaurant that is all about spending time with family & friends while enjoying a delicious meal together. As a family-owned restaurant, we want all of our guests to feel as if they are eating in their own kitchen at home. 

Come out and see for yourself what the hype is all about. We look forward to making your experience worthwhile. Let Nur Kitchen be your NURishment!

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Chef Shay Lavi

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, chef Shay Lavi discovered his love for the culinary world at a young age. His passion comes from such exposure from walking through fresh markets and learning authentic cooking techniques from his Libyan grandmother & Turkish mother. He later expanded his culinary education as he traveled around Europe, learning classical cooking techniques & absorbing finer points under the guidance of his mentors. Shay decided to move to Atlanta with his then pregnant wife Karen, ready to start his family & determine his next adventures. His calling to food proved to be strong and Shay realized he had developed a coherent culinary vision inspired by his multi-ethnic background & travels but with a modern twist. 


Let’s Eat! Catering was his first passion project, showcasing authentic Mediterranean/Middle Eastern cuisine followed by his bakery/restaurant Rozina Bakehouse & Coffee located in downtown Atlanta. Breads and pastries are freshly baked and all ingredients are locally sourced including fresh produce. Nur Kitchen is a resemblance of Shay’s love for his diverse cuisine with a modern take on Mediterranean comfort food. At Nur, the emphasis is placed on freshness, authenticity & quality of ingredients. It’s also an opportunity to experience Shay’s vivacious hospitality and infectious joie de vi·vre. Shay believes that a chef’s food is a culinary masterpiece artfully displayed on a plate. You’ll want to experience the eclectic and authentic flavors at Nur Kitchen; they are as familiar and comforting as a warm hug from an old friend.